My name is Nicholas Reid and I am the founder of We are a photography/videography company in the NJ/NY Tri-State area that specializes in Sports photography. 


We offer two services that directly benefit the participants of your event—and will ultimately lead to more exposure for your future races! 


  • The first service that we offer is the Runners Package- With this option, the runners/participants of your event can opt to purchase a package or individual photos of themselves in action by going online and downloading their images at  We will send the images to the runners via a post-race email at no charge to you or your event.  This option also provides your race great exposure and coverage (since everyone will be posting their quality pictures online), while also saving you time, money, and no-stress in making sure people receive their images after the event.  


  • The second service we offer is Sponsored Coverage- Based on the number of competitors, we offer free unlimited image downloads to all of the participants of your event at an applicable fee to you.   


Given our affiliations and connections with various teams and running clubs in the Tri-State region, we can also promote your race to thousands of runners via our social media channels; which can eventually result in many additional entries.


These days, race photos are the online equivalent to Race T-Shirts when used as a memento to share with friends and family.  Through the power of social media, photos can create a lasting impression online (especially if the sponsor and events logos overlaid onto the images themselves)—this doubles as an excellent way to promote your event.    


If interested, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss Source Athletics being a part of your event.  Please let me know if and when you are available for a call or possible in-person meeting. Thank you!